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04. Prenuptial Agreements

Getting Clients Ready for a Lifetime of Matrimonial Happiness

Many couples in Northern California are getting prenuptial agreements. These documents give couples peace of mind as they begin their wonderful journey into marriage.

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document for couples about to get married that sets out how assets and debts will be apportioned during the marriage and divided after the marriage and whether one spouse will pay the other spousal support.  Negotiating a prenuptial agreement can be an eye-opening experience as couples open up their financial lives to each other in ways they previously had not. 


Writing a prenuptial agreement can be a trust building endeavor that makes a union stronger and are appropriate for couples of all income backgrounds.  What a lot of clients don't know until meeting with us is that in a community property state like California, not only is one's property split 50/50, but one's income and what they do with it is split evenly as well.  A prenuptial agreement is a good investment in a client's future whether they earn $40 million a year or $40,000.

Letting a divorce happen by the default rules of the state of California may not work for many couples.  People may not want to split their assets and debts evenly, as is the law under California’s community property rules.  People may want to protect the businesses they worked all their lives for, their hard-earned pensions or the homes they purchased with their own money before the marriage.  People may not want to pay for their spouse running up credit cards applied for during the marriage. Fights over assets and debts in a divorce can be expensive and emotionally wrought.


Our attorneys set our clients on the right footing before marriage by drafting, reviewing and negotiating prenuptial agreements that protect their property and preserve their positions with respect to spousal support.  We work closely and amicably with opposing counsel while at the same time firmly advocating for our client's financial interests.  The end result is a document that the client and their fiance can lean on all throughout their married lives.

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Serving clients with skill, compassion and diligence

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Our attorneys want to hear your story.  Attorneys are notorious for being talkers and not listeners, but this is not true of our firm.  We want to know what you want to accomplish with a prenuptial agreement.  After hearing you, we will provide a point by point analysis of your situation, weaving the facts of your financial station with the points of law that apply to them. 

We will review and discuss relevant documents you provide, give you an outline of the prenuptial agreement process, discuss your individual issues in detail and sketch out next steps you can take.  If necessary, we can make referrals to counsel for your fiance that they can use to draft or review a prenuptial agreement.

Everything you say is protected by the attorney-client privilege and is confidential.

We are happy to meet with you in person in either our San Francisco or Sacramento office, by telephone or by video.

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