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03. Domestic Violence

Saving Lives With Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

The most dangerous time for a domestic violence survivor is when they leave their abuser.  This is the time that the cycle of power and control ends.  It is crucial that a survivor get legal assistance to secure a domestic violence restraining order to protect them and their children.  Our attorneys fight to keep our clients safe in all the ways allowed by the law, such as by prohibiting the abuser from stalking or harassing the client, contacting the client, living in the same home as the client or possessing firearms. 


Our firm will secure temporary restraining orders that keep our clients safe until they can have a hearing on the merits of their situation.  If need be, we will take a domestic violence case to trial and present witnesses and documentary evidence like photos and medical records to make our client's case for safety and protection against their abuser.  After securing a permanent restraining order, we will monitor our client's situation and enforce the order if the abuser violates the order.   Finally, we will continue to fight for our client's safety by petitioning to renew the client's restraining order before it expires.

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Serving clients with skill, compassion and diligence

Request a Consultation

Our attorneys want to hear your story.  Attorneys are notorious for being talkers and not listeners, but this is not true of our firm.  We want to know about the cycle of abuse that has led you to our firm, and we want to help you.  After hearing you, we will provide a point by point analysis of your case, weaving the facts of your situation with the points of law that apply to them. 

We will review and discuss relevant documents you provide, give you an outline of the domestic violence restraining order process, discuss your individual issues in detail and sketch out next steps you can take.   

In addition to providing a legal analysis of your case, we will ascertain the imminent danger you face and see whether you have a safety plan and involvement with law enforcement as necessary.   

Everything you say is protected by the attorney-client privilege and is confidential.  Your abuser will never know what you tell us.

We are happy to meet with you in person in either our San Francisco or Sacramento office, by telephone or by video.  We will respect your need for discretion if you are currently living with your abuser.

Talk to us now by phone, email or chat to get started.

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