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05. Palimony & Marvin Actions

Leveraging Civil Litigation Experience in the Complex World of Marvin Actions/Palimony

A person who does not marry their partner loses out on the traditional rights and obligations of marriage but may still have viable legal claims if their partner made promises to them of support or property division. “Palimony” or “Marvin” suits to make good on these promises or contracts happen in civil court, not family court and can present challenging legal theories and burdens of proof. 


Our attorneys have civil litigation experience that they parlay in this complex area of law.  Not too many legal practitioners operate in the realm of Marvin actions but the firm relishes the opportunity to help clients salvage their financial rights from the end of a nonmarital relationship.

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Serving clients with skill, compassion and diligence

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Our attorneys want to hear your story.  Attorneys are notorious for being talkers and not listeners, but this is not true of our firm.  We want to know what is going on in your life leading up to your palimony or Marvin case.  After hearing you, we will provide a point by point analysis of your case, weaving the facts of your situation with the points of law that apply to them. 

We will review and discuss relevant documents you provide, give you an outline of what a palimony or Marvin action is, discuss your individual issues in detail and sketch out next steps you can take. 


Everything you say is protected by the attorney-client privilege and is confidential.

We are happy to meet with you in person in either our San Francisco or Sacramento office, by telephone or by video.

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