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02. Children and Child Support

Serving the Best Interest of the Child in Custody & Visitation Cases

Deciding who will have custody or visitation of a child is often the most challenging and emotionally wrenching part of family law litigation. Courts decide these matters based on what is in the best interest of the children. The starting point in California is that parents should have equal custody of their children. Custody can be legal and/or physical. Physical custody regards who is physically caring for the child and providing that child with room and board. Legal custody regards who can make important decisions for the child, such as what medical care or education the child gets.

The firm is on hand to guide parents through custody mediation and litigation. The firm will craft an order or agreement that takes care of the child’s needs to the fullest extent. The firm’s attorneys believe that children are a client’s supreme concern. They take special care to tend to the needs of those children.

Helping Parents Achieve the Dream of Securing a Second-Parent Adoption

A parent who is not a biological parent of a child may be able to get parental rights to a child through a second parent adoption, whether they are married to the other parent or not.  The firm can help the parent secure parental rights through the myriad ways second parent adoptions work.

Navigating the Child Support System to Care for a Child

The Court will award child support in a legal proceeding to take care of minor children. The Court balances a range of factors set down by statute regarding the situation of the parents. Once an order is in place, the Court can modify child support if there is a change in circumstances. A parent deciding whether to pursue or oppose an order for child support should have legal counsel available who can maneuver through the legal factors at play in child support cases. The firm will do a thorough search of the parties’ finances and situations to make the best possible case regarding the payment of child support.


Serving clients with skill, compassion and diligence

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Our attorneys want to hear your story.  Attorneys are notorious for being talkers and not listeners, but this is not true of our firm.  We want to know what is going on in your life leading up to your custody, second parent adoption or child support case.  After hearing you, we will provide a point by point analysis of your case, weaving the facts of your situation with the points of law that apply to them. 

We will review and discuss relevant documents you provide, give you an outline of the custody, second parent adoption or child support process, discuss your individual issues in detail and sketch out next steps you can take.   

Everything you say is protected by the attorney-client privilege and is confidential.

We are happy to meet with you in person in either our San Francisco or Sacramento office, by telephone or by video.

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