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Jane provides outstanding legal representation. I have relied on her legal expertise to help me navigate my divorce and family matters for 5+ years.

Jane provides sound advice and clear direction at crucial times. She defends my children's best interests with sound, reliable professional judgment.

Her compassion, diligence, and knowledge combined with the expertise of her legal team are comforting during difficult times. Having such quality legal representation, has given me great peace of mind.

Jane is someone you want on  your team. She is an excellent lawyer.

Jane is very professional and knows the law by heart. I have valued and greatly appreciated her legal advice and support.


Every divorce is difficult, but I also dealt with an abusive spouse. He had to be removed from my home by domestic violence restraining order. He had depleted all my savings, but me in a lot of debt and I was broke. He then sued me for spousal support and interest in my home, which I owned before I met him.


The stress of not having enough cash and to increase my credit card debt to pay for legal costs, and in addition potential spousal support, put me into a dark and scared frame of mind. Jane has been kind and supportive to keep me sane during the long process of the divorce. When I felt only despair Jane assured me that I will fine in the end, and I was.

When I first came to Jane for help I have to admit I was unsure what was going to happen. My case took nearly 3 years,  Jane and her team did an amazing job right from the get go. She was there for me throughout the process.  Always took my calls and emails even when she had other cases to work on.  I never felt like I didn’t understand my case because of her hard work. It also showed me that she treats all her clients like this and that’s an amazing feeling. I would definitely recommend Jane and her team to anyone in the same situation.

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