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The Law Offices of Jane Migachyov is committed to serving the LGBTQI+ community. We have served countless members of the Queer community in our cases. We bring sensitivity and experience to the table. A brief description of Jane Migachyov’s life and Queer activism is a case in point.

Jane Migachyov is the oldest of five children. She grew up in conservative Fresno, California. Her father was extremely homophobic, bragging about beating up gay men during his adolescent years in San Francisco. He frequently disparaged LGBTQI+ people and used anti-gay slurs in his regular speech.

Jane realized she was a lesbian when she became a teenager. Fearing for her safety, she kept her sexual orientation a secret until she was discovered by her parents in her senior year of high school. Her father assaulted her and kicked her out of the house. She was forced to stay with a friend for six months until she went off to Harvard for college.

At Harvard, Jane blossomed in her new identity and was determined to help members of the community have a better life in their identities than the one she had as a child. She served as a leader of the campus LGBTQI+ student group for three years and volunteered on numerous political campaigns for Queer politicians. She later applied to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government to do political activism for LGBTQI+ people and possibly serve in government herself. She was the leader of the Queer student group there and later the Queer student group of Boston University School of Law.

Ultimately, Jane realized she could translate her passion for Queer activism into advocacy for the community at large by starting up a family law practice. The principles of justice and fairness she believes in pulse through the work she does for people of all stripes.

Jane has volunteered in the Queer space for the last 15 years since graduating from law school. She served on a quasi-governmental body, the LGBT Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, advising the Commission and the Board of Supervisors on issues relating to the LGBTQI+ community. She volunteered for several anti-tobacco groups that worked to combat smoking in the Queer community. She served on the Board of the Harvery Milk Club, a political action group. She served on the Board of Harvard’s queer alumni group. Currently, she is beginning the fourth year of being on the Board of BALIF, a Queer legal bar association, where she organizes legal clinics for the LGBTQI+ community and fundraisers for local queer organizations.

Taking everything together, Jane and her law firm have unparalleled experience in the Queer community and endeavors serves the community leveraging all of her skill, experience and zeal.

If you would like representation that is sensitive to your identity as a LGBTQI+ person, schedule a free initial consultation with the Law Offices of Jane Migachyov now and HERE.

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